Firearm Resources

Here at Nor Cal Gun Vault, we make your experience complete with services you can trust. Below you will find our list of services and the official DOJ resource.

FFL to FFL Transfer

Incoming FFL Transfer Fee = $75 each firearm

Outbound FFL Transfer Fee = $20 (plus any associated shipping costs) *Note: outbound shipping is a service we provide but we are not a UPS store and do not stock every size packaging needed for shipping firearms. Please do not expect immediate shipment, allow for us to properly wrap and package your firearm for safe shipment.

Gun Cleaning

  • $40 Revolvers and Basic Pistols (Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Springfield)
  • $45 Bolt Action Rifles, Lever Action Rifles, Pump Action Shotguns and Lever Action Shotguns
  • $55 1911 Frame Pistols

**Note, the condition of the firearm could require an hourly fee ($40) to be charged rather than a flat fee if the firearms in poor condition (rust, excessive fouling, etc). The determination will be made by the manager on site prior to start of work or leaving the firearm for cleaning.

Sight Installation for Pistols

  • $40 Sig Sauer 220,226,229,239
    Glock – All Models
    Smith and Wesson – M&P Series, Shield Series
  • 1911 Frame Pistols

*Note, some pistols we cannot do due to potential to damage the slide while changing sights. In these cases we would refer you to an offsite gunsmith we use.

Consignment Gun Sales

  • We take 15% if you choose to use the ale funds as store credit, or we take 25% if you choose to take the sale funds as a personal check.
  • Click Here → ConsignmentSheet

Gun Storage

  • We will store your firearms on our secure premises for up to six months.

  • The cost is $1.00 per day per firearm for storage.

  • We can provide a receipt stating that the firearms have been transferred out of your name

  • To return them you will be required to pay your storage balance in full and the $25 Department of Justice Dealer Record Of Sale (DROS) fee. There is the standard 10 day registration period required by law.  This also ensures that you can legally take back possession of your firearms.

  • At the end of the six months if you can still not legally take back possession of your guns we can proceed with one of two routes:

  • 1. We can sell the firearms for you on consignment fir a fee of 25% of the selling price..

    • 2. We can also prevate-party transfer the firearms to someone who is legally allowed to possess a firearm.

Training and Classes (Registration Information Below)

Basic Handgun, CCW, and California Hunters Education Classes – We contract our firearms training classes through Northern Firearms Instruction.  The classroom portion is conducted at Nor Cal Gun Vault. For Placer County the fee is $150.00 and involves 8 hours of instruction. The first 5 hours of instruction are conducted at Nor Cal Gun Vault and the final 3 hours are completed at The Gun Range on Watt Ave.  You can either sign up online through clicking the image to the left.



State of California – Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms

Find answers to questions you may have to legal guidelines pertaining to ownership and safety.

The Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in CA is listed here to help you with the models we are able to supply.